Welcome to the Land of Goraa

Political strife and intrigue greatly influence Goraa, shaped by the will of the One God and His followers. Kingdoms, both large and small, can stand firm or collapse depending where the One God’s favor lies. His great benevolence and power have swayed many denizens of Goraa to overlook the political machinations of the Church and His followers. They have never experienced the level of safety the protection of the One God affords them.

The Fey’s disdain of the Church for it’s oppression and persecution of all things unnatural, including Fey, led many of them to retreat to their dense otherworldly forests. Similarly, manipulators of the arcane have retreated from the limelight, choosing safety in the shadows.

Now, a band of adventurers comes together, ready to make names for themselves, to follow their hearts, and to uphold their principles…