Name: Drew
Class: Warlord
Race: Human (Kalamarian)
Role: Leader
HP: 34
AC: 20
Weapon(s): Superior Broadsword, Hand Crossbow
Fort: 17
Ref: 14
Will: 16


I grew up in the wake of an army on the march, surviving on it’s scraps. My father was a Major in the army at the time, until he died during one fateful battle. Having No home and no place to go I continued to follow the Army wherever they went. I slept when possible, often finding myself in inhospitable situations. I jumped from army to army, stealing what i could to get by..that was, until I got caught by the commanding officer. He offered me two choices, Join, or Die. I found myself at a crossroads, wondering if i should end my poor life, or honor my father and follow in his footsteps. I rose to my feet and saluted the general. Five years later I finished my service and headed out on my own.


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