Superior Items

Mundane items created with superior materials or craftsmanship confer bonuses, but usually not on the order of magic items. Typically, the bonuses range from +1 to +3 and some items provide additional non-magical benefits.

Superior weapons and armor can be purchased, if available at the given shop, using the following formula: base cost + (300 x bonus) gold. Other superior items, such as locks or chests, have other purchasing rules.

Superior plate armor +2: 50 + (300 × 2) = 650 gold
Superior rapier +1: 25 + (300 × 1) = 325 gold

Armor: Any
Enhancement: AC
Property: Superior armor +3 negates the negative modifier to speed. All superior armor weighs 25% less.

Weapon: Any
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: Additional 2 x plus

Other Items
+50% HP

Superior Items

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